Getting Your Message Across

How Email gets you heard above the social chatter

Recently I got a hand-written thank-you note in my letterbox.  It made me feel like we did as kids, when we received birthday cards. It felt good that the sender had taken the trouble to personally message me through this medium. Much like a hand-written note, a well constructed email campaign is personal and direct. Regardless of our views about email, most of us start the working day by checking our inbox. So, giving brands permission to deliver directly into your inbox, by opting-in to their email campaign, is a valuable indicator that you want to hear their message, (be it a special offer, newsletter or even a reminder to pay our tax.) However, in order to maximise open rates and minimise unsubscribers, this message must be relevant and timely.

While so much attention is paid to all the shinny social channels, the most proven route for businesses and marketers to digitally reach your target audience is by email. Effective digital marketing blends the various social channels with email to achieve the desired results.   Each of the main social networks have unique ways to help you grow subscribers and promote your email campaigns.

  • An email sign-up App on Facebook is a great way to grow your subscribers.
  • LinkedIn email templates, for connections, are a novel way to grow your subscribers.
  • Twitter Cards can act as a great lead generation tool to grow your subscribers

These are some of the reasons I advise clients that using an email platform is a great way to be heard above the social noise and reach your target audience in a personalised manner.  The medium through which we deliver our messaging really matters. .. though nothing beats sending a hand-written note.