Cut Back Your Network To Help It Grow


‘Another year over and a new one just begun….’

This is a great time to strengthen our networks. Just as we cut-back our fruit trees in winter to ensure an abundance of fresh growth in the spring, we need to prune our networks also.

The number of people we follow on Twitter or are connected with on Linkedin is not the most important element, but rather the quality our network.

Over the year, you may have followed folk based on a passing interest for your business, which may have since lost its relevance. Therefore you may now wish to unfollow such accounts. Likewise, you might have connected with people on Linkedin, for particular reasons, which are no longer relevant. Either way, it is always prudent to prune or, ‘Cut Back To Grow’ (See also my Networking Tips Blog) Remember also people won’t be informed that you unfollow or unconnect with them.

In the 1990’s British anthropologist Robin Dunbar proposed that we humans are only really capable of maintaining stable social relationships with a finite number of people. He stated this lies between 100 & 250, but the commonly used value quoted is 150. While this theory is difficult to refute, what wasn’t factored into the equation 20 years ago was the advent of social media. This proved to be a massive disruptor. Traditional networking on steroids. Technology suddenly enabled mass networking. However, it is often the case, that quality is inversely proportional to quantity.

So, if you want to see ‘the wood from the trees’, get pruning your network and watch it grow back stronger.