Case Study 1 - Personalised LinkedIn Email

Most of us build a large number of connections on LinkedIn, but rarely interact with them. A great remedy for this is to reach out to your contacts with a personalised email. Share some tips, like I did here. Or tell your connections what you've been up to and ask them how their own career is going. Maybe even offer them to call you or meet for a coffee, even if distance necessitates it may have to be a virtual one! Social posts have their use, but a personalised email is a private 1-to-1 communiqué, with room to expand on your message and illicit a response or call to action. Email Is Dead? Long Live Email.

Email Campaign


Case Study 2

In this case I was holding a workshop with a group of mentees in London. As the topic was, 'Developing Your Digital Footprint', I needed their feedback in advance on the social channels that each of them were using. Sensorpro's platform was ideal for deploying this online survey. As a result, I was able to personalise my workshop by tailoring the content from their responses. iibn

IIBN Survey


Case Study 3 - Slideshare

Touch Communications helped client, US Immigration Attorney, Deirdre O'Brien, to relate her detailed legal tips for businesses on US Visa Options, by utilising LinkedIn's Slideshare channel. To execute this we partnered with ClearPreso, who, as their name suggests, are experts in crafting 'clear presentations.' obrienassociates

Case Study 4 - Client Campaign Video

Ben&Jerry's campaign set out to find the top social entrepreneurs in 9 markets in Europe and 2 in Asia. In order to deliver their message and gather the necessary feedback from entrants, Sensorpro's platform along with partner, Epsilon. provided the technology to make this campaign a successm with a social reach of 33 million on Twitter alone! Touch carried out this interview, which BMB Films produced for Sensorpro. sensorpro

Ben & Jerry's Core

Case Study 5 - Artist Video

When Irish artist, Jenny McCarthy, commissioned Touch to help her market her art, which depicts beautifully the west coast of Ireland, we partnered with BMB Films' excellent video production company. This creative piece is an evocative depiction of her unique art. To see more or purchase Jenny's affordable work, check out: jenny-mccarthy

Ventry Beach - Artist



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