What Can TOUCH Do For You?

TOUCH help business owners & SMEs to acquire & retain customers, using smart email marketing campaigns backed by appropriate digital support. We partner with our clients to understand their products and services, then formulate the best strategies to grow their business.


create At Touch, we tailor our email designs to suit our clients. We work together closely to understand their product/service and their customer relationships. We effectively craft their message, with the goal of increasing their revenue. (Protip: Think of content that would interest you if you were their customer)


execute We send each crafted campaign to the clients’ target subscribers. We employ careful data segmentation and smart personalisation to optimise the relevance of their communication. Equally important are the key choices of subject line and sender name to maximise customer open-rates. (Protip: Timely sending and relevant content are key to success)


measure Finally Touch, analyse and help interpret the responses to all campaigns. Details of what was viewed and by whom, are assessed to iterate and improve for all subsequent email marketing campaigns. (Protip: ‘If you can not measure it, you can not improve it’ –Lord Kelvin.)

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After over 20 years operating in the traditional sales and marketing field, Pat became involved in the exciting world of digital marketing. As Business Development Manager with an Irish social and business network, he built a large global membership.

For this campaign, he utilised digital tools such as email marketing, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. During this time, he organised the network’s launches in London and New York, and began building social bridges ‘on the ground’ with many Irish business and cultural groups globally.

In the process, Pat grew to appreciate the importance of integrating the online with the face-to-face, in order to really network effectively. He set up Touch Communications, to help individuals and SMEs to acquire and retain customers. Pat’s skills include expertise in the areas of email marketing, social media and building your online identity. These qualities equip him in helping businesses integrate digital into their marketing strategy to grow sales of his clients' products and services.

Pat is a Board Member of the Irish International Business Network




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Limerick Ireland



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